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A'Dante Musiekskool 018-468-2679education_other
A-Re-Ipeleng Public School 018-489-1112education_other
Academy Of Learning 018-462 1380education_other
Al-Huda Muslim School 018-467-8355education_other
Are Itshokeng Public School 018-465-3807education_other
Baden Training and Computing Services Pty Ltd 018-462-4858education_other
Boston Buisness College 018-464 4733education_other
Centurion Akademie 018-464 4222education_other
Edu Toys World 018-462-1311education_other
Iterele School 018-465 3414education_other
Ithuseng Public School 018- 465 5563education_other
Klerksdorp College 018-462 8923education_other
Klerksdorp Hoerskool 018-462 8423education_other
Milner High School 018-462 5215education_other
Stanfords Business College 018-462 7616education_other
Arendsnes Kleuterskool 018-468-6884pre_primary
Bameys Pre-School 018-462 6955pre_primary
Bameys Pre-School 018-462-6955pre_primary
A Reeng Primary School 018-468 3345primary
Afokang Primary School 018-465-2889primary
Afokeng Primary Scool 018-465 2889primary
Alabama Primary School 018-467 5027primary
Alabama Primere Skool 018-467-5027primary
Are-Bokeng Primary School 018-476-0072primary
Die Goue Arend Primereskool 018-467 5504primary
Huda Muslim School 018 4678333primary
Al Huda Muslim School 018-467-8355private
Productivity & Leadership Consultants 082 852 3219private
Saint Conrad's College Brothers of Charity 018-462-9023private
Alabama Secondary School 018-467 8208secondary
Alabama Sekondere Skool 018-467-5031secondary
Arefadimeheng Secondary School 018-465-5275secondary
malibongwe telecomunication centre 0184653225tertiary